Since 1994 I been exhibiting my work in Seattle. One can say I gone up and down Seattle, covering each neighborhood opportunity. Some locations I visit once and others are so welcoming for me to return again and again. I enjoyed showing work at the Salvadorian Bakery numerous times and at Mount St, Vincent Gallery in Seattle.For a year I participated at the downtown Art Project and had my work on display on 1st Avenue, and storefronts on Yesler Avenue.

Current and ongoing
Feng Shui – exploration of color, West Seattle Dr. Korn DDS

Blue Cone Nov 2019

Art Battle, Seattle 2019

Landscapes – window to the world, Tukivilla

PaintmyMeditation June 2019

The Lounge by AT&T, December 2018

February thru April 2016: Mount St. Vincent

Circa in West Seattle, continuation of “At Night We Sleep”

May 2014: Saturn Building, Fremont Seattle – “At Night We Sleep”

January 31st, 2014: Circa West Seattle – “Into the Blue”

July 2013: McCallister Hall Gallery, Mount St.Vincent

December 1st, 2012:  John F. Kennedy Arts and Crafts Fair 2012

November 1st, 2012: “Take Me Away” current landscapes at Windemere West Seattle.

October 1st, 2012:  “Spirits and Monsters” at Mind Unwind Gallery, West Seattle

August 18th, 2012: “Forgotten Paradise” at the Salvadoran Bakery, White Center Art Walk.

August 10th, 2012: Phinney Art Walk at Umpqua Bank, “Summer in Seattle”

July 1st, 2012: Circa, West Seattle

April 2012: McCallister Hall Gallery, Mount St.Vincent

November – December 2011: “Carmilas”

2011: “Blue Willow Catering”

Summer 2011: WS Art Walk “Wild Rose”

June 2011: “The Cask”

June 2011: “Small Clothes”

Spring 2011: WS Art Walk Carmilas

January 2011: WS Art Walk WS Wine Cellar

December 2010: Small Clothes

December 2010: Sugaring

November 2010: Freshy’s

October 2010: WS Art Walk Windemere

June 2010: Angelina’s, West Seattle

June 2010:Freshy’s

September 28th, 2002: Art Detour

February-March 2002: Samis Foundation Downtown

November 2001: Art Exhibit at Eldergreen Gallery and Coffee

September-October 2001: Gateway Gallery, Key Tower

September 2001: Rock Buttom, Bellvue Galleria

July 2001: Market Arts Center, Pike Place Market

June 8th, 2001: Solo Show, Amy and Keryl

April 2001; “BD Flowers” at Smith Tower Seattle

February 2001: Five Artist Group Show,  Seattle, WA

September 2000: Participant at “Art Detour 2000.” Seattle, WA

December 1999- Feb 2000: Group Show – Bear Gallery

July-August 1999: Solo Exhibit, “CATC” Queen Anne, Seattle

April 1999: Group Show, Healey Gallery

December 1998: Group show at 21st Studios

July 1998: Group show at 21st Studios, Seattle, WA

July 1998: Two artist show: Oculus Gallery, Seattle WA

May- June 1998: Group Show – Home Alive Awareness

January- February 1998: Solo Exhibition, Babes in Toyland

December 1997: Group Show: Annual Christmas Show, Metropolis Gallery Seattle

December 1997: Group Show, Home Alive

October 1997: Solo Show, The Alibi Room, Seattle, WA

June 1997: Metropolis Art Gallery Group Show: 4th Annual Erotic Art Show

June 1997: Metropolis Art Gallery

March 1997: Solo Show: The Lux, Seattle, WA

September – October 1996: Solo Show, The Color Box, Seattle, WA

October 1996: Group Exhibit – Springfield, MA Art Museum

October 1996: Art In The Home Alive “The Art Of Self Defense” CD Booklet

May-June 1996: Solo Show, The Alibi Room, Seattle, WA

August 1996: Solo Show, The Color Box, Seattle, WA

December 1995: At The Broken Theater Group Exhibit: “Home Alive”

June 1995: Solo Show, The Internet Cafe Seattle, WA

January 1995: Solo Show, Puss-Puss Cafe Seattle, WA

October 1995: Solo Show, Color Box,  Seattle, WA

1994: Group Show, ”Home Alive” Color Box Seattle, WA

April 1994: Solo Show, Weathered Wall, Seattle, WA