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2019 – To present feng Shui  
Since my children are older now, I have had the time to exhibit and participate in local art walks again. Since 2021 I have been showing work at a local dentists suit and participated in the monthly west seattle art walk again. Feng Shui personal experience…learning about it Over the last 2 ywers I have intensified my studies on feng Shui and its philosophies of color and form. Kandisnskies idea of color theory similar. Color and shapes are symbols much like a langugeand The free flow of expressionism pushes my understanding of theory into reality on canvas. Developing an alphabet. Feng Shui – exploration of color, West Seattle Dr. Korn DDS Store on braodway Blue Cone Nov 2019  

2019 – 2014   Landscapes – window to the world, Tukivilla Night we sleep – 2012,
A series on form and feelings developed at night while my children were asleep. How do we remember the image of a city, what lines, colors and shapes? I began by realizing the city and then dissecting it down to its absolute base elements that allow one to recognize the feel of a busy city. How we see and what we remember. Continues heavy impasto and introduction of ‘interferences”. A space is never empty. Art Battle, Seattle 2019
Landscapes – window to the world, Tukivilla PaintmyMeditation June 2019 The Lounge by AT&T, December 2018 February thru April 2016: Mount St. Vincent Circa in West Seattle, continuation of “At Night We Sleep” May 2014: Saturn Building, Fremont Seattle – “At Night We Sleep” January 31st, 2014: Circa West Seattle – “Into the Blue” July 2013: McCallister Hall Gallery, Mount St.Vincent December 1st, 2012:  John F. Kennedy Arts and Crafts Fair 2012 November 1st, 2012: “Take Me Away” current landscapes at Windemere West Seattle. October 1st, 2012:  “Spirits and Monsters” at Mind Unwind Gallery, West Seattle      

2014 – 2003  
To present -nominated art award 2003 my daughter was born and 2007 my son. It was hard to get time to paint in the studio and I began exploring art option on the computer. Interestingly enough my previous job at Olan Mills portrait studio as airbrush artist made it easy for me to manipulate images. I began to develop a series for and with my children rooms with toys and blocks  I began experiementing with attaching prints to canvases, varnishing them, using solvents to remove printers ink and changing the image. I developed a series of landscapes that began as photos, went though digital alterations, got printed and then painted on  varnished and a times attacked with solvents to remove the printers ink again. Enjoy layers, philosophically life. Hoffman ideas on vision and how we see. Unstable image by changing saturation and tone of objects, causing a sort of vibration. Soon it wasn’t enough for me to have the images manipulated from camera to computer, to phtoshop and painter. I had them printed on canvas and proceeded to paint on them, even removing print with solvents. It was an expensive process and in 2012 multimedia fine art controversial. 2012 the children were old enough for me to return to the studio full time.   Hofman, ideas on color and vision. Dynamic surface.   cut from camera olan mills
August 18th, 2012: “Forgotten Paradise” at the Salvadoran Bakery, White Center Art Walk. August 10th, 2012: Phinney Art Walk at Umpqua Bank, “Summer in Seattle” July 1st, 2012: Circa, West Seattle April 2012: McCallister Hall Gallery, Mount St.Vincent November – December 2011: “Carmilas” 2011: “Blue Willow Catering” Summer 2011: WS Art Walk “Wild Rose” June 2011: “The Cask” June 2011: “Small Clothes” Spring 2011: WS Art Walk Carmilas January 2011: WS Art Walk WS Wine Cellar December 2010: Small Clothes December 2010: Sugaring November 2010: Freshy’s October 2010: WS Art Walk Windemere June 2010: Angelina’s, West Seattle June 2010:Freshy’s    

2002- – 2000 I was accepted to an art community downtown seattle on 420 2nd ave ext south. i MOVED FROM PORTRAITS AND IMAGINARY SUBJECTS to landscapes and continue my work with plaster and acrylic paint.  
art detour west seattle   Art Collective downtown , displaying art along empty storefronts on 1st February-March 2002: Samis Foundation Downtown November 2001: Art Exhibit at Eldergreen Gallery and Coffee September-October 2001: Gateway Gallery, Key Tower   September 2001: Rock Buttom, Bellvue Galleria July 2001: Market Arts Center, Pike Place Market June 8th, 2001: Solo Show, Amy and Keryl April 2001; “BD Flowers” at Smith Tower Seattle February 2001: Five Artist Group Show,  Seattle, WA September 2000: Participant at “Art Detour 2000.” Seattle, WA    

2000-1994 after death of my friend and room mate i began a series of warrior women images. i had spend several weeks in a monastary in florence studying the art of the renessaince. I did a lot of portraits too.
September 2000: Participant at “Art Detour 2000.” Seattle, WA December 1999- Feb 2000: Group Show – Bear Gallery July-August 1999: Solo Exhibit, “CATC” Queen Anne, Seattle April 1999: Group Show, Healey Gallery December 1998: Group show at 21st Studios July 1998: Group show at 21st Studios, Seattle, WA July 1998: Two artist show: Oculus Gallery, Seattle WA May- June 1998: Group Show – Home Alive Awareness January- February 1998: Solo Exhibition, Babes in Toyland December 1997: Group Show: Annual Christmas Show, Metropolis Gallery Seattle December 1997: Group Show, Home Alive October 1997: Solo Show, The Alibi Room, Seattle, WA June 1997: Metropolis Art Gallery Group Show: 4th Annual Erotic Art Show June 1997: Metropolis Art Gallery March 1997: Solo Show: The Lux, Seattle, WA September – October 1996: Solo Show, The Color Box, Seattle, WA October 1996: Group Exhibit – Springfield, MA Art Museum October 1996: Art In The Home Alive “The Art Of Self Defense” CD Booklet May-June 1996: Solo Show, The Alibi Room, Seattle, WA August 1996: Solo Show, The Color Box, Seattle, WA December 1995: At The Broken Theater Group Exhibit: “Home Alive” June 1995: Solo Show, The Internet Cafe Seattle, WA January 1995: Solo Show, Puss-Puss Cafe Seattle, WA October 1995: Solo Show, Color Box,  Seattle, WA 1994: Group Show, ”Home Alive” Color Box Seattle, WA April 1994: Solo Show, Weathered Wall, Seattle, WA    
Skills List your strengths relevant for the role you’re applying for  Curiosity, I will always  to learn how to communicate better through my art. It is an element that makes life worth living.


I remember going to the Dayton Art museum and looking at one of Hofman’s works. I remember not understanding it and questioning the skills of the artist. 3 years of art education later and I wished I owned it. We are taught that art is a certain thing but it takes some learning to get the keys to understand art. My goal is to provide those keys by making work that is easily accessible by choosing very simple forms and subjects. I hope one can enter my work and then experience a subtle dynamic, chaos and order. Life leaves marks, and I choose to underline these marks, showing all changes and hesitations. Nolde once said : “Flowers do not need to look like flowers, but feel like flowers.” I create work with a dynamic pre-decided by applying feng shui principles. We all are familiar with color and their symbolism, and in feng shui each color has a certain energy as well. The same holds true to forms. Opposing energies cause friction and opposition, while complementing energies can become “rescue” elements in a home, balancing the total energy of a space. I choose colors and shapes to set an energy in my work, but apply it loosely in as far that I enjoy almost have to include some dynamic and opposition as well.

Artist, 1985- present

2007- 2011 Volunteer at Hiawatha Elementary

Clinical Information System Instructor, Swedish Medical Center

1993 – 2007 
Non-profit Programs in adult education at a clinical setting:
IDX Analyst,Senior Help Desk Analyst, Epic educator

Visiting Artist Renton Highschool Senior Art Class, 1994-1998

Co-owner of Rathouse Records, Lead Singer DC Beggars

1989 – 1994 
DIY Music Scene, Seattle
Carla G. Art on These Streets: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Story
D.C. Beggars / Rathouse on 10 Things zine


Wright State University

B.F.A, Fine Art: 1988
major in painting and philosophy

University of Maryland, European Division

1980 – 1981

1979 Fritz-Leonhardt-Realschule Degerloch, Germany

Award & Honors

Private Art Teacher 2018 to present

Featured Art in ” Home Alive: The Art of Self Defense “

Feature in Yearly Calendar “Season of the Witch”
Finalist in Art Walk Awards, 2011
WOA Winner in Digital Art Category, 2011.

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