Glad you dropped by.

The idea to positively influence the atmosphere of a home fascinates me.
it was a recent personal experience that opened my eyes.
After some major life changes ,I decided to fix up my home.The livingroom felt dusty and dead somehow- stagnate? Cleaning didn’t fix it. I moved the furniture- then I decided to place one of my favorite paintings in the corner of my room.

– it was as if the room turned for a moment, adjusted and – tranquility set in.

I had studied feng shui over the years, we  read about how plants make us feel better and what color the front door should be. I have been learning the colors and the shapes and incorporate those ideas into my new work. it is restrictive to some degree, but feng shui is not about absolutes,.  I invite you to my Brand new work!          

Painting is where I am at home; painting is how I speak.  I am happy you are here, and I hope my work speaks to you.

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