Reality, memories and dreams are often interwoven creating our reality. Ever wake up from a dream, and while you might not remember what the dream was about you remember the feeling of the dream? It is a layer of emotions and images, a weave of what you know and imagine.

My work deals with these memories and experiences; layering images, colors and lines the same way our feelings layer our memories. I see my work as a reality ripped and layered with multiple surfaces and colors. The texture of the paint scratches grooves that heal like scars. Each element struggles to get into the foreground, make itself seen- just to be pushed aside  by the color next to it. Within my work  is a constant struggle between color and shape that nevertheless finds a balance and wholeness.

I was born in Neu Ulm Germany.

“Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?” ~Edgar Allen Poe

…and just for fun —TV guide has me as a celebrity

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